Drinking Water After Meal Is Good Or Bad?

Drinking Water After Meal Is Good Or Bad?

If you’re thinking that instantly drinking water after the meal is nice for your health. Then you are wrong. Most of the individuals have a habit of drinking water. Whereas having a meal and shortly after the meal. This wrong habit of drinking water results in several health issues. According to the Ayurveda, there are a few necessary rules for drinking water. Let’s see Drinking Water After Meal Is Good Or Bad?

Process of Digestion

When we take a bite of a food. Automatically the fire (Agni) within the abdomen (Jathar) starts to stimulate and secrets digestive juices. This abdomen fire and digestive juices help within the digestion of food. According to the Ayurveda, this fire remains active until the whole digestion of food.

Drinking Water After Meal Is Good Or Bad?

Just imagine what is going to happen. If you may throw water on a fire? definitely. Water can turn it off. Similarly, drinking water during and instantly after a meal turns the abdomen fire off. And dilutes the abdomen acids. In results. The method of digestion becomes weak and results in stomach upset.

The process of fermentation begins. Because of undigested food and water within the abdomen. And it creates harmful substances. Below are the harmful substances.

1. Increase in acid Levels

Swelling and pain in knee, feet, joints, wrist, elbows are the signs of the raised acid level.

2. Increase in dangerous cholesterol (LDL)

Due to an increase in dangerous cholesterol. It becomes tough to flow blood through blood vessels of the center. In results. The blood pressure will increase and results in heart failure.

3. Increase in Triglycerides Levels

Due to high Triglycerides level, the possibilities of heart disease will increase.

4. Very low-density lipoprotein (Very low-density lipoproteins)

High very low-density lipoprotein level also results in the danger of an upset.


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