Health Benefits Of Brahamari Pranayama

health benefits of Brahamari pranayama

Brahamari pranayama is one among the foremost used style of Pranayam. There are various Health Benefits of Brahamari Pranayama. It works really good for our health. Disturbed mind people mainly use this

Brahamari means Indian bee or “Madhumakkhi” in Hindi. Indian people usually called is “Madhumakkhi” which makes a sound. The name of this Pranayama dedicated to the humming voice.

“Brahamari” word comes from the Sanskrit word “Bramar”. which means a black Indian bee. This Pranayama is very effective in the brain and it calms the mind.

Steps to Perform Brahamari Pranayama:

  1. Sit straight quietly in a very well and calm place and currently shut your eyes. Keep a gentle smile on your face.
  2. Now breathe usually and your whole body should be relaxed.
  3. Keep your mouth closed and seal your lips.
  4. Put your each indexed fingers on your eyes and shut the eyes. You can also use the thumbs to close the ears. Put your middle fingers on your closed eyes.
  5. Now begin inhaling through your nose then begin making a sound whereas exhaling.
  6. Exhale slowly, make a continuous humming sound and sound should vibrate in the head.
  7. The sound should be deep and smooth.
  8. Feel the vibration of sound in the head.
  9. Practice this 11 to 20 times daily.

Health Benefits Of Brahamari Pranayama:

  1. This is very helpful in reducing blood pressure.
  2. It is very effective for insomnia patient.
  3. This Pranayama improves concentration and memory.
  4. It also helps in paralysis.
  5. This Pranayama additionally helps in relieving tension, anger, and anxiety.
  6. Brahamari Pranayama gives you relief from a headache.
  7. Build your confidence.
  8. It is very effective for insomnia patient
  9. With regular practice, it relaxes your mind.
  10. Due to the humming sound of this Pranayama, a concentration of mind is also increased.
  11. It has a positive effect on the whole body and mind and on the nervous system.
  12. The sound of “OM” develops a feeling of positivity.
  13.  Brahamari Pranayama can reduce blood sugar level.
  14. Helps in a migraine.


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